About ShuangliCNC Machinery

ShuangliCNC Machinery was found in 2009 , Dongguan China, one of the biggest mold base worldwide. Over the last ten years, Shuangli was dedicated to providing deep hole drilling solutions in die mold, automotive, defense, medical, oil& gas, etc industries. With continuously development and creativity, all Shuangli’s different kinds of deep hole machine tools have acquired lots of famous customers like Foxconn,BYD auto, Geely auto, Hair, Green/Dakin, Midea, etc.

Creating value for customers is always Shuangli’s goal and mission of unremitting efforts over the years. Thanks to Shuangli’s professional R & D and production team which has been working in the deep hole drilling industry for many years, Shuangli has obtained dozens of patent technologies and has passed ISO9001 quality management system, CE product safety, high-tech enterprise evaluation and other honors. In order to maintain the leading advantage of product technology, Shuangli has adopted excellent talents in the industry, and has formed a good communication and cooperation relationship with well-known domestic colleges and universities, and actively promotes the sustainable development of enterprises. Shuangli covers an area of over 30000 square meters, and the annual delivery volume of various deep hole drilling machines exceeds 300 sets, of which the export volume is more than 25 sets per year. Both India, Brazil, Czech Republic, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Iran, Thailand, Malaysia and other places have Shuangli brands.

ShuangliCNC pays attention to maintaining good interaction with all customers, especially overseas customers, and listen to the customers' advise and suggestion, applying to the subsequent equipment production, providing customers with a more simple and easy to operate deep hole drilling machine.

  • vision

    ShuangliCNC Vision

    To be a worldwide recognized brand in supplying qualified and reliable deep hole drilling machines and solutions that are cost-effective through continuous equipment improvement, exquisite R & D and practicable technical support, researching and developing on future advanced technology within the next 10 years.

  • mission

    ShuangliCNC Mission

    To provide advanced metal working and manufacturing solutions that are cost-effective and supply unprecedented value, while with a full set of after-sales service aiming at building long-term and lasting customer relationships.

  • value

    ShuangliCNC Value

    To increase competitiveness and productivity in the global market, supply the most cost-competitive and guaranteed types of machinery with high productivity and efficiency.24/7 customer service and commitment, technical video guidance, site debugging,quick troubleshooting process, comprehensive maintenance instruction, reduces possible downtime and loss.

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