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Shuangli Indexable Gun Drill

SLDJ cutting tools is the beggest China domestic Gundrill bits manufacturer , started the business with brazing gun drill tips on used gun drill shanks in year 2009,  with years development, the production includes brazed gundrills, solid carbide gundrills, indexable gundrills, and part of BTA heads.  now the company has 18 sets CNC grinding machines , 4 sets optical and digital inspection equipments.  Brazed gundrills diameter from 3.0-45mm length can reach 6000mm. Solid carbide gundrills diameter from 1.0-12mm, length can be customized, normally no longer than 600mm OAL. BTA deep hole drilling head from dia 20 to 125mm.

Indexable gun drill bits diameter from 11.5-50mm, length can reach 6000mm.

Shuangli Indexable gun drill is widely used in deep hole processing with lower precision requirements such as mold water hole, especially suitable for stainless steel and other difficult processing conditions. If  the Inserts is worn, you only need to replace the inserts, which is convenient and efficient. SLDJ Indexable gun drill dia specifications from 11.5 mm to 50mm, length, drivers can be customized according to customer requirements.


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