BTA Drilling

Product Introduction

SLDJ BTA drilling is used on BTA deep hole drilling machine that is the special equipment for drilling deep cylindrical hole. With rectangle guideway after hardening for heavy load and with guiding. The machine can do solid drilling, trepanning, counterboring, roller-burnishing, to work out through-hole, step-hole and blind hole.


1. High production efficiency; feed rate: >30~180mm/min; continuous drilling without the need for retraction for chip removal;

2. Stable hole diameter; holes of H9 accuracy can be stably realized in general and H8 accuracy can also be realized under good conditions;

3. High hole surface roughness; it is below Ra3.2~1.6 for standard steel and Ra1.6~0.4 for nonferrous metals;

4. Excellent geometric tolerance; hole roundness: <0.01mm; axis alignment: <0.4mm/1000mm (depending on hole diameter and material homogeneity)

5. Among deep-hole machining tools, BTA deep-hole drill, featured with great length-diameter ratio, good stability and high efficiency, is the first choice for deep-hole drilling.


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