Indexable Gun Drill

Product Introduction

SLDJ Indexable gun drill is widely used in deep hole processing like mold water hole, especially suitable for stainless steel and other difficult processing conditions. Inserted Gun Drills have High feedrate, High RPM compare with brazed gundrills. After the inserts is worn, it only needs to replace the inserts, which is convenient and efficient. Indexable gun drill specifications from 11.5mm to 50mm, length, driver can be customized according to customer requirements.


1. Steady precision hole-making and optimized cost-efficiency

2. High Feedrate, RPM of Gun drilling performance

3. inserts and guiding pads exchange easily

4. Excellent drilling quality and chip-removal performance

5.  Inserts Gun Drill dia meter from 11.5-50mm


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indexable gun drill

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High Feedrate, High RPM Inserts Gun Drills